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Hey everyone,

it's very autumn-ish already, or ist it just me? But somehow I like it. Makes your home way more cozy and snugly, in my opinion, and I love falling asleep to the sound of rain. :)

Well, there are still negative points about the cold weather. I've been sick. D: Really sick. It started last week on Tuesday with a sore throat and on Thursday morning I had 39°C fever. x( I couldn't go to work for 3 days which made me feel really guilty and like a bad colleague. ;( But I couldn't help. I was glad I made it to the doctor without collapsing halfway lololol. And I had such gorgeous plans for the weekend which all needed to be cancelled due to my sickness. Originally, I wanted to go to a karaoke bar on Saturday evening with some of my beloved friends and I also wanted to meet Tina. I hated myself, srsly. lol But hopefully I will catch up everything soon. ❤

Before I'll go to work again tomorrow (which means that I won't have that much time for blogging again) I wanted to show ya several things.

First of all, these two pictures really fascinated me.

I'm really not a person for tattoos just because I think they don't suit me and it wouldn't be me if I had a tattoo. BUT if had to have one and I must decide on one then it would definitely be some angel wings on the back. lol I especially love the right one. 

That's why I bought myself a shirt with wings on the back some time ago on eBay. 8D Yah, I know, I'm obsessed. But I must say I prefer a shirt when I think about having these wings on my back permanently. What do you think?

I also bought myself a new cellphone case on eBa. It's kinda horrible, it's Hello Kitty. I just couldn't resist.

My phone is so bright now, I still need to get used to it. But I wait for the day the first of the stones will fall off! D:

Lastly, my nails. -surprise surprise- You can also see it in the picture above; this time I tried some half moon manicure like a lot of celebrities seem to have these days. :S 

I have to say that I really like this. :) Still, it's a hella lot of work and I was lucky that the color I used was a fast drying lacquer, so it didn't took me that long to finish. But I will definitely try it with different colors again, too. Do you like it?

That's it for today. I hope next time I can review some products I bought and movies I watched. We will see. ;)

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Very pretty nails!
I really need to get on myself to make a cell phone case, but I still need to buy a lot of stones to finish the whole thing. I need a theme, too!

I like your shirt. Wings are super cute. :)

Thank you, dear! :)
I think diy-cases are a lot prettier and way more unique but I'm just to lazy and I also don't have the time to deco a case myself. :/ So I just bought one. Poor me. xD

T-shirt looks great. Actual tattoo looks great............on other people & not on me :))) that's my personal opinion, i would't risk such a big pattern, better wear a T-shirt :)))

Thank you! That's exactly what I thought, too. ;)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah though I fear I will take it off soon. x) It's kinda ... too much in my opinion.

Thank you. :D ♥

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