It's never too late to shoot for the stars

Hi! ☆ 
Dude, I should stop forecasting what I wanna blog about in my next entry because it'll always be something totally different, I fear lol. Whatever. It's my grandmother's 90th birthday today. ❤ I'm somewhat proud and glad that I still have her in my life. :) So, we had a family meeting and went to a restaurant for lunch and having coffee and cakes and stuff afterwards.
The food:
Doesn't look that special but everything was delicious. :) My mother also made two cakes which we brought along.
Unfortunately, everyone was so full after finishing lunch that we couldn't eat much of the cakes. :/
My outfit.
Thinking about ... serious stuff. xD
And laughing. :)
It really was a fun day with my grandma! I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did and that many of these days will follow. ❤


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